Monday, January 16, 2012

This weeks shout out!

Today's shout out is to Sharon at Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs.

 I came across her blog post when I was wandering around looking for new and interesting things to crochet. And I have to say, Sharon, You're a genius!!! 

This was my very first yarn stash :o)
 This technique for making a yarn ball is the simplest and best thing I think I've learned in my crochet adventures to date. (Well, besides actually learning TO I love my yarn balls, they look so pretty and organized, almost like decor :o) 

But, what I don't love quite as much is watching my cat chase my yarn across the room as it slips out of my hands in the process of rolling. Let me tell you...darn cute the first time. ONLY the first time. 
Not only does this technique eliminate the dropping, but you need nothing other than something EVERYONE has in their house right now

 Check this out, I promise, if you like yarn balls, but find it frustrating to make them, reading Sharon's blog post (found here laughing purple goldfish designs: winding yarn) will be the best spent 5 minutes of your week!

                     Thanks soooo much Sharon!
                                              <3 Melissa

p.s. If anyone tries this let me know what you think!