Sunday, February 26, 2012

We get by with a little help from our friends....

So, I just couldn't end my night without sharing this awesome tip with you guys :o) 

As I was roaming the great beyond for some inspiration I came across a fab blog written by 4 sisters called The letter 4. There are so many great tutorials and inspiring ideas, I think I must have spent hours wandering around just there!  I decided I had to share this with all of you because I know there are a few out there who have blogs or are thinking about starting one up and it was an "ah ha!" moment for me.

Anyone notice a (albeit slight) change in the look of this page???  In the post How to Make your blog wider Jamie teaches those of us who are a little bit sheepish about messing around with code how to make some changes to make your blog pages look even better than they already do. I love the wider look  Honeybee Blog has now, and have been wondering how to make it happen for quite awhile.  (Jamie also tells you how to re-center your title after the widening)

And while you're there take a look around! Here are some pictures (straight from the letter 4 blog, not my own) of some of the other amazing bits of goodness you'll find over there :o)

Janae's awesome 

 "How's it Hangin' Braid" Hair Tutorial

Jamie's beautiful

Lighted Canvas Tutorial

 and Jade's 
(Which, by the way, I can't wait to try...)

So, go! enjoy! Tell 'em I sent you ;o)

Talk to ya' soon!   

<3 Melissa