Saturday, January 7, 2012

shout outs to some fellow bloggers

Well, I have been spending so much time organizing and revamping the blog that I haven't done any crochet work in 3 days! OH NO! So, today i am just going to send a shout out to a couple of Blogs I think you should check out.

I found this printable on Pinterest and fell in love with it. 

You can find the creator Landeelu and her blog @ 

The other Blog I think you should check out is Mommy Trial And Error

This is written by my friend and neighbor Savannah. She has 3 small children so there is no shortage of funny and heart warming things said and done in her home. 

well, now I need to go get some work done, hope you have fun checking out these lovely ladies and their stories. 
If you have or know of a blog you think I should check out, let me know!

Eureka! My furry, fuzzy crochet bootie

I am so very excited about this one! 
I have been swooning over pictures of similar baby booties thinking these would be perfect for my 5 year old, they are so HER. But I had some major obsticles. 

1) All the patterns that are for sale are for babies

2) Because of #1 they are entirely yarn, 'cause, well, babies are adorable in slippers.    :0)       I want my daughters to be real shoes. ones she can wear outside, out and about. They are just TOO ADORABLE to spend their entire lives in the house, hidden away.
and lastly,

3) did I really want to spend money on a pattern that was not what I really wanted?

So, to work I went. It took some time, and a few do overs, but I think I got it pretty well!  I only have one done so far and she wants to wear it. No cares about not having one for the other foot.... silly lady.  
I would love to start selling these in the shop, but it's going to take creating a pattern and alot more practice so I can figure out the best, fastest way to work these out. But once I get the kinks out it's on!  
ok, ok, enough jabber, to the pictures!

So Thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think!
 Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!    
  Hope to talk to you soon!    
 <3 Melissa

One small step for the Malloys, one huge step towards resolution completion! Step 1

Yesterdays entry had me so excited I got started right away.  My Kindergartener is soooo thrilled, this one change made her room seem so much more like a big girl room. It's now a place of her own where she can be alone when she wants to.  I'M soooo thrilled because i tackled one of my most aggravating daily "yucks" in the process! 

The story: My children have decided that when tidying their rooms, to clean up the clothes and shoes means to toss them onto the floor of their closets.. And if that wasn't aggravating enough? (This is where my pet peeve comes in....) THEY NEVER SHUT THE DOORS!  I am forever walking into their rooms saying "Shut your closet door!"  Well, not in my daughters room, not any more.    

The transformation: (sorry, i didn't think to take before pictures. live and learn...)
It still looks a bit on the messy side, I was so excited I just went through like a whirling dervish and threw everything out of the closet and started with a blank slate.  keep that in mind when you look at the pictures, lol. Plus, i say it's probably more like step 3/4 because I really intend to paint, stencil, SOMETHING on the walls to spice it up a bit. But for now, the posters will do....

I stole my hubby's tie rack (love you babe :D) which now hangs above the small set of drawers to hold all her many, many purses.  The dresses are (semi) hidden behind that. The pink hanging shelves are for school outfits (5 slots) and the bottom few can hold special treasures (at the moment bubble wrap left over from some Christmas presents).

Next... I grabbed one of her many blankets, and a few of her zillion pillows and made her a little reading nook/relaxing space all of her own.

  And now for MY favorite part!

I removed the door and  hung the lacy curtains along the door frame. Now it looks "super duper fancy" and there will be no more door angst. Yes!  The curtains are tied back with ribbon and can be closed if she wants privacy. 

The walls are not as i envision, needs to be more "designed", but until I get paint or stencils, or wall paper, these posters will do. ...

So that's it! I will leave you with one final picture and a thought... Making something beautiful goes a long way! I have discovered that in the process of making something special I didn't mind purging things that didn't fit into my "vision". As I said in my last post, the hardest thing for this family is letting things go. Every time I thnk "I can't get rid of that!" I vow to go stand in front of my 5 year olds special place and  snap out of it.

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope to talk to you soon!           
                                                         <3 Melissa

p.s. She slept in there last night and has had to be tempted with various things to get her to come out. I think I did alright.... ;O)      

See the final picture, let me know what you think!   Do you have any ideas for spaces?