Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eureka! My furry, fuzzy crochet bootie

I am so very excited about this one! 
I have been swooning over pictures of similar baby booties thinking these would be perfect for my 5 year old, they are so HER. But I had some major obsticles. 

1) All the patterns that are for sale are for babies

2) Because of #1 they are entirely yarn, 'cause, well, babies are adorable in slippers.    :0)       I want my daughters to be real shoes. ones she can wear outside, out and about. They are just TOO ADORABLE to spend their entire lives in the house, hidden away.
and lastly,

3) did I really want to spend money on a pattern that was not what I really wanted?

So, to work I went. It took some time, and a few do overs, but I think I got it pretty well!  I only have one done so far and she wants to wear it. No cares about not having one for the other foot.... silly lady.  
I would love to start selling these in the shop, but it's going to take creating a pattern and alot more practice so I can figure out the best, fastest way to work these out. But once I get the kinks out it's on!  
ok, ok, enough jabber, to the pictures!

So Thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think!
 Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!    
  Hope to talk to you soon!    
 <3 Melissa


love2yarn said...


08:26 AM on January 04, 2012

Oh my, these are adorable! I'm going to have to find one of those baby patterns you mentioned and make some for my 6 month old twins! You did a lovely job, Thanks for sharing

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