Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My little crafter,,,,

Today I thought I'd share some thing made FOR my five year old daughter (that I forgot to put in the last post...oops) and some thing made BY her as well. She loves to make things...she is getting pretty "art smart" as they say at her Kindergarten :o)

Story: Lady Bird loves kitties. I had my husband choose and bring home some yarn for me one night (I needed inspiration- colors I didn't pick surely would spark creativity, right?) and when she saw it she begged me to make her a Kitty. Huh. How to make an orange, green, and blue kitty and still feel like I accomplished something nice? Here's what I came up with.......   A Kitty Scoodie!  (for those of you saying "a what?!" a scoodie is a scarf/hoodie....clever, no? lol)

picking her up from school... she was so excited about that silly straw she brought out of school with her.   ?!?

*And this is HER latest project*

Story: This is a set of necklaces she made for her and her friend.  too cute..... :o)

Tomorrow's post, after i can get a picture of my son in the hat I made him (that I also forgot to put in my last post....i know, i know, I must try harder....) will be all about Mushroom!
                                                                                                            <3 Melissa